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New website coming

14 FEB

Who are we?

Eirin and Madeleine are the creators behind MEAH. They started this adventure in 2019, with the joy and knowledge of sewing and designing their own clothes. They have good experience as seamstresses and designers, with many successful assignments and clothes behind them.

With the help of MEAH, you have the opportunity to design the dream garment you have been dreaming of for an infinitely long time.

MEAH will also produce more sustainable clothing for you who think of our planet. That's why they choose Slow Fashion!

MEAH is for women for women!

It is you who inspire the continuation, to create clothes that lift women of all ages in an elegant, feminine and playful way. Thank you for choosing Norwegian fashion!

Our old website is being shut down.

Do you want to shop from us before the new website is up, or do you have any questions?

 Send your inquiry to our inbox at IG , or by email to

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Who Are We
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