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We take privacy seriously because it is about respect for you as a user of our website and for you as a customer. has therefore prepared this privacy statement in accordance with the Personal Data Act for the processing of personal data, where information security and internal control requirements are met.

Stored Personal Information

Personal information is any form of data, information and information that can be linked to and identify a person, such as a name, birth number, telephone number or photo. More information about privacy is available at This privacy statement applies to the collection and use of personal information on and in connection with purchases in the online store and other inquiries to Here you will find information about what personal data is collected, what it is used for and what rights you have. MEAH organization number: 924 547 685 is responsible for processing and can contact for questions at

What personal information we process

When shopping for something in the online store, in many cases you must provide the following information:

• Name

• Telephone number

• E-mail address

• Card information

• Registration of delivery address for this information is a prerequisite for the purchase to be completed. In connection with purchases and inquiries, we will also store:

• Purchase history, including the type of item you purchased and when you purchased them

• Service status, service history, returns and complaints. If you have created a user profile on the website, you can choose to log in with your username and password when shopping on the website. When you create a user profile, we require you to provide the following information:

• Personalia

• Postal address

• Telephone number

• E-mail address

When you create a profile, you have the opportunity to check that you will receive our newsletter. You can unsubscribe from this newsletter at any time by using a link at the bottom of the newsletter that will be sent via email. If you choose to participate in a campaign, user survey, etc., this may mean that you provide additional information, such as gender, date of birth, interests, etc. Depending on what is requested in each campaign or user survey. Participation in this type of survey is voluntary. Archiving of personal information The Accounting Act requires that we store transaction data for 5 years, but to ensure customers' rights in connection with guarantees and claims in accordance with the Consumer Purchases Act, the Purchase Act and's sales conditions, we store the store's purchase history for 10 years.

Security of personal information has good routines and comprehensive measures to ensure that unauthorized persons do not have access to your personal information, and that data processing is done in accordance with the requirements of current legislation. Examples of such measures are risk assessments, implementation of organizational and physical measures, routines for access management and archiving, as well as routines for handling data and follow-up of requests regarding the right of access, correction and deletion. You can be assured that stores your personal information securely.



We want to be able to send you relevant information about news and offers that we think you may be interested in, but this is subject to your consent. Consent is given in the online store or when you register for our news register on our website. Consent to this is voluntary, and you can withdraw your consent at any time in these ways:

• Subscribe to newsletters using the link in the email.

• Send an e-mail to, stating what changes you want in relation to MEAH's handling of your personal data The following personal information is stored when you register in our newsletter register: name, e-mail, mobile , address. Your name and contact information so that we can ensure that you do not receive the same information several times. Newsletter contains offers and information about news coming to MEAH. Your information is only shared with the system vendors we use to design and send newsletters. We will see your information until you choose to unsubscribe from our news register.


Use of cookies

We use so-called cookies or cookies to improve the user experience on the website. A cookie is a text file that, when you visit or interact with a website, is placed in the browser's internal memory. You have the ability to prevent us from placing such cookies in your browser. Most modern browsers (Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, etc.) are set to accept cookies automatically, but you can choose to change the settings yourself so that cookies are not accepted. The disadvantage of disabling cookies in your browser is that the website does not work optimally. The reason is that the purpose of most cookies we use is to offer just the functionality of the website, so that the website can remember what you have added to the shopping cart. We also use tools other than cookies to collect information about your IP address, the type of browser you use, the broadband provider, the operating system, the date and time of the website visit, and some data about how you navigate the website. We use this information to analyze trends so that we can make the website more user-friendly.


Goods delivery

We ship with Norway Post and Helthjem for transport of goods. We provide personal information that is necessary for them to be able to deliver the goods to you. The information shared with the carriers is name, address, telephone number and desired delivery location. The information will be deleted within 36 months.


Payment solutions

For security reasons, we store history that contains the IP address we receive orders from. Payment information on Komplett is: IP address, name, address, e-mail and mobile phone number. All systems that process personal data related to the payment of orders are strictly limited to employees who perform necessary tasks related to the order. Card payments and card numbers are not stored beyond what is necessary to ensure efficient handling of any problems with loading, cancellation of reservations and crediting. It is not possible for to see your entire card number in any of our systems after purchase. Should any problems arise with a credit card holder on, find the first 6 and last 4 digits of your card number (IIN / BIN number) to identify which bank has issued the card, so that we can help you with solving the problem. Payment and card information is only used to make a payment.


Personal information for third parties

MEAH will not share, sell, transfer or otherwise disclose your personal information in any way other than as described in the privacy statement. Your data will only be shared if we are legally bound or get your consent. Partners can only access the information if it is required to perform services. In such cases, data processing agreements are entered into to ensure information security, and in addition, will decide how the information is to be processed.


Transparency, correction and deletion

• You have the right under the Personal Data Act § 18 to demand access to the registered information, as well as the right to demand correction and deletion in accordance with sections 27 and 28. This request must be sent in writing to or to MEAH Design, Bærumsveien 140A, 1358 Jar. The inquiry must be directed to customer service.

• If you believe that incorrect information has been registered, you can request correction or deletion. You also have the right to appeal to MEAH or the Norwegian Data Protection Authority if you believe that our processing of your information is in breach of the rules.

• In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the right to be deleted, you have the opportunity to claim your information from MEAH anonymously. In this case, MEAH does not anonymise registered personal data if the purpose declares that the individual processing has been fulfilled.



Pursuant to section 18 of the Personal Data Act, you have the right to demand access to the registered information, as well as the right to demand correction and deletion in accordance with sections 27 and 28 of the Act. Such a request must be sent in writing to or MEAH Design , Bærumsveien 140A, 1358 JAR.



We may make changes to this privacy statement, for example as a result of making changes to the structure or functionality of the website. If we make any significant changes, we will inform you of this on the website.



Inquiries about what information is registered, correction and deletion can be sent in writing to the following e-mail:


Postal address:

MEAH Design, Bærumsveien 140A, 1358 JAR.



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